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I like Big Trains

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Hi Everyone,

About 30 years ago my wife and I bought an LGB starter set (the one with the 2 passenger cars) to put around the Christmas tree. My daughter was around 2 years old.

Then every year thereafter, we'd buy one or 2 cars just before Christmas to add to the set...then of course, more track as well until the set grew into something that ran across the floor, behind the couch, etc. and we would keep it set up until it became too much of an annoyance, and it would get packed up and back to the attic.

This year I discovered USA Trains, and picked up 2 Pennsylvania FA3 A units on ebay that just blew me away with the detail and the features. So that has motivated me to try to build a garden layout to enjoy the trains year round.

So it will be a mix of European and US trains. The European stuff will have toy elements (circus cars, train in bottle, Steiff teddy bear cars, etc.) But I want to keep the American trains more accurate and period correct.

So I'll probably use one of the Pennsy F units for freight, and the other for passengers. I'll be going to the train show at the big E in Springfield next week, so it could be dangerous to my wallet.

I'm looking to interacting on this forum and getting to know you.
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Welcome aboard kind sir. I wish you good luck with your garden layout. Lots to see and lots to do and yes fair warning this hobby can be very dangerous grounds for ones wallet. :eek:
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