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Not just you ... I was having addiction withdrawals, too ... shakes ... cold sweats ... endless perusals on ebay to get a little train wish-list fix.

Tough times, there :(


Nope me too! I couldn't get on this site but others I could.

Maybe the Admin is testing us. Making us sweat.:laugh:

I was hoping it was the site and I didn't do something to get banned:D

Plus I have been having modem problems. Also the big storm rolled through and left 6" of rain and 70 mile per hr winds. Lost power for 9 hrs.

I reset all my stuff and then we lost it the following day for 2 hrs due to PSE&G going back to re-fix.:rolleyes:

But spring has sprung it was just beeeeutifull today!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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