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Identify this truck plz

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Ok so i went through a box that seems to be full of stuff to make a zoo. For those that didnt read my new member post... i inherited a few boxes of o gauge. track is wrapped in newspaper dated 1985 so its been sitting.

but moving stuff around i found this truck and it is most likely a kmart truck or just a non model train model truck. but so much in these boxes are all lionel so who knows.

also found 163 in box!!!


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Can't help you with the first photo but the second one, #163, was made between 1930 & 1942. Greenburgs values it from $220.00-$360.00 depending on condition.

With the box it is worth more then that.
He has the box.

All those car and trucks are not Lionel.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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