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I'm a-needin'........

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........some old style, Bettendorf, 70- and 50-ton trucks from Athearn cars. Accurail, P2K, Bowser, even Bachman, would work but some I'd have to build and I'm out of springs for those that would require them. So, Athearn is preferred, but I am not one to look the gift horse in the mouth or any other part of his anatomy. These trucks would come from Athearn 40-foot box cars, 40-foot flat cars and such. Even old metal ones would work.

I've got a dozen or more projects in the final stages but I need trucks. I don't need the wheelsets as I have plenty of those. Just the truck frames. No talgos, as that is what I am upgrading many old Mantua, Globe, Varney, and SilverStreak cars as well as a few old Model Power 36' reefers. For some of the newbs, talgo trucks have the coupler mounted to the truck. Good for some applications, but not this one. Cars equipped with talgo trucks don't like to be "pushed" though switches on my layout and these cars are destined for industrial switching operation.

Also if you have any Kadee couplers that have lost the knuckle spring and you don't want to mess with them, I could use some of those, too. As long as the trip pins are in place, they would fit the bill.

If anyone has some in their junk boxes let contact me and we can haggle.

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