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Well it's been some time since I updated this thread, so here goes.

Haven't done anything with the Athearn GP9s.
Might try a couple of Keep Alives later to see what happens.

I got the 402D throttle back from Digitrax and it works just fine.

The Bachmann F7 also are running fine, two down and two to go.

Today I got the RS11 back from Atlas, they said that they could not find nothing wrong with it :dunno:
I ran it today and everything seems fine when on the main lines and I ran it through every turnout in the south yard,
no problems at all even though the track was a little dusty.

BUT it wouldn't run worth a darn on the west yard main line and the industries on the north table.
Stalled on all the turnouts and even on the straight tracks.

I have done a lot of scenery work there so dirty track may be the issue.
Cleaned the track and tested several times and no go.
All the turnouts there are Peco #6 code 83 and are powered from both ends.
Why am I having problems there and nowhere else? :dunno:

I messed with this all afternoon and no progress, won't run at low speeds.
The Atlas RS11 was about to become a shelf queen or garden mulch. :mad:
Just for grins I decided to turn off the sound, presto thing ran like a champ.
Crawled through turnouts at a snails pace perfectly.
So it seems like there is some connection with how the sound works, it's a Loc Sound decoder.
One other clue was one time it stop on a well powered section of flex track, just stopped dead.
I left track power on and went to have a cup of coffee, when I returned there it was idling just fine and ran as before.
Tried this a few times with the same result. :dunno::dunno:
Didn't touch a thing just let it sit there.
My Bachmann F7A runs just fine on this section of track so it seems it has something to do with the Atlas.

The way Atlas set this loco up was that on power on the loco had to go through all the start up sounds before it would move.
I'm thinking that this is where the problem lies and programing this feature out will fix the problem.
Don't like this anyway so no big deal.

The hockey game came on so all train work stopped.

As far as the loco goes, not to bad and will make a good yard switcher. Low speed control is excellent.
It's set up more for road operation so some extensive reprogramming is in order for switching operations.

Not a lot of detail but good enough for me.
Good sound but the idle sounds are not that great.
Got to make some changes there.
Overall not to bad for the money if I can get the stalling straightened out.

Will try some programming tomorrow.
Might add a feeder between the turnouts as well.


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Well some good news. The RS11 runs just fine. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Taking out the start up sounds before it would move did the trick. :smilie_daumenpos:
No more stalling anywhere.
It would still hesitate on turnouts but not stall.

When I talked to Atlas they said they cleaned the wheels.
Don't know how they did it but it wasn't very good.
Gave the wheels a good cleaning and she runs smooth as silk. :smilie_daumenpos: :smilie_daumenpos:
She'll crawl through turnouts at very low speeds.
Seems that this old gal will need clean track and wheels.

A little reprogramming of deceleration CV4 and it's all set for yard switching.
I now have a good heavy yard switcher and short line hauler.

Found a much simpler way to fix the sounds, take out the hearing aids, sounds great. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
40 years of car racing, guns and heavy equipment took a toll on my hearing.
It's paying off now. :smilie_daumenpos: :smilie_daumenpos:

A lot of time and some major frustration but I've got 3 out of 4 done.
The Geeps can wait.
For right now it's back to scenery work.


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Thanks guys, It's good to get all this behind me.
I looked forward to getting the RS11 back and when it had issues
I was a little unhappy to say the least but when
I muted the sound and things ran fine I knew the problem was with
the no move till the start up sounds finished thingie.

Got it all working so on to scenery, should have something to post in a few days.

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