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I kinda like the wiggle and waggle thing myself. Im not a prototype nor a rivet counter type modeler but this does, to me, add realism in certain trakage areas. "I make no claims to being a track laying robot. Im human."

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Other tips for old neglected track:
1.) Cut out some ties... eliminate a few.

2.) Cut out some ties; trim them to individual shape, and put them back, skipped outward, with ends (alternately) slightly beyond the bevel of roadbed.
Also, place some canted slightly askew.

3.) Cut some ties (on the diagonal) outside the rails to shorten them. Notch the cut ends to look broken.

4.) Cut some ties (on the diagonal) between the rails, discard one end, and notch the remaining diagonal cut end to look broken.

5.) Any ties that are mostly in long-time shade can be drybrushed with 'moss'.

a.) Where ties (or a portion) are removed, the ballast should be slightly depressed.

b.) The older ties get, the 'grayer' they'll look. They don't stay dark brown forever.
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