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input on future layout

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looking for some ideals for this layout. it's 4x8 with a 1x6 swing yard.
my bench is 6x12. so i some space to play with.I know that you guy's are,
always coming up with,some great ideals. so how about some, for this layout.



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You'll probably hate this idea, but...

It all comes down to whether you're a scratch-builder or a buy-it-and-stick-it builder, and I mean no criticism in that description. Anyway, there seems to be a knee-jerk tendency to build industrial layouts for HO, probably because there is so much available to buy off the shelf and it's size, admittedly, works well for that.

My suggestion is totally different...have your layout centered around a resort-city. You have the room for a racetrack, horse paddock and barns, hotels, casino, a lake, and a small town to service the customers---banks, gift and souvenir shops, spas....swimming pool at the hotel with people on chaise lounges around the pool, expansive lawns with statuary, neatly-manicured trees and bushes...perhaps even a celebrity cemetery, a la' Forest Lawn. I like different, and I just can't get excited over another factory-town layout. (No offense to those who have one, but too many people followed in your footsteps and now everyone in HO has a factory town!).

Thus spoke Reckers.
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Having my approval makes you a class act, Dozer.:D
Between Anton and I, you see the range: he's a technical perfectionist, and I'm more of a dreamer. The nice thing is the hobby has room for both of us!
Those sound like great layout ideas! I love the image of trains rolling through the countryside; I'll be glad when I can quit cutting and sanding pink foamboard and start painting on mine.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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