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input on future layout

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looking for some ideals for this layout. it's 4x8 with a 1x6 swing yard.
my bench is 6x12. so i some space to play with.I know that you guy's are,
always coming up with,some great ideals. so how about some, for this layout.



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in US railroading is mostly a freight business, hence this is what modeled. as such it calls for industrial setting. theme is up to modeler to decide.
as for track plan, it seems ok. separated staging eliminates reverse loop. what is your operations idea?
I have no operations ideas. as far as industrial setting, I am not for alot of buildings, all over the place. I do have two buildings that Iam going to use. they will be,the offices of the my railroad [ Ontario Lines ] . I would like to do more landscapeing on the the layout.

Reckers,nice idea, something different. so you got me thinking. were I live there are alot of fruit farms in the area. I could put a fruit farm in there. maybe take out two of the inside spurs.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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