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Help requested?:

I am trying to locate any and all information regarding the AHM Plug-a-matic Block Signal System.
It looks like it was originally made by Rivarossi - all parts and boxes have this logo.

Some of the product numbers include: 2585 / 2685

The Plug-a-matic is discussed on the inside front cover of the 1967 Catalog.

New for that year.

Then it states details are in their Track Planning Book #2599
Then the following years they offer the switch controllers...nothing about the Signal System
(that is appearing on the pages copied to the HOSEEKER website)

Does anybody have more information about the Block Signal System? or

A copy of the Track Planning Book #2599?

Any and all information is much appreciated.

Schematics, instructions..

Thanks for your input.

Semi-retired (can't I need to complete my layout)
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