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I have been upgrading my Engine fleet with Kadees for the last couple of months.

Mario AKA CentralFan1976 ( ) sells Lionel Kadee mounts on Shapeways for GP7/9, GP30, and GP40s. After I installed them on a pair of Lionel GP9s. The good idea fairy set in and I decided to do an install on a MTH GP35.

The purpose of this thread and others, is to show how adapt his products for other uses. The first one is the install of Kadees on the MTH Premier SD45

PT 2 Was the Weaver RS11
PT 3 Lionel Legacy GP9 this is what started it all

Part List: Kadee #740/805/745 medium center shank with metal or plastic Gearbox

This was also a straight forward install. Also as a note if your are going to fix the pilots you will need to remove the coupler mount and the pilot mounts. You will also need this part Lionel O scale EMD GP7/GP9 front / rear pilot spacer .

Once again I drilled the holes in the pilot using the GP9 mounts as a guide insuring the front was flush with the front of the pilot.. ( note you will also need to remove the coupler mount) Or you can do what I did position it a little forward as I was concerned about clearance issues. This proved to be a none issue and will reposition at a later date. Yes this is a learning process. Because I wasn't fixing the pilots I did have to trim the mount on the sides to clear the pilot mounts on the truck assemblies. After that I assembled the and installed the kadees into the mounts and painted them black to match the pilots





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