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Intermodal Equipment

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I plan to have intermodal on my new layout. I've been looking online for what well cars and containers are available.

It seems the containers have "pegs" to fit into holes in the wells and I presume into the top of the bottom container(s) as well. I plan to use 20' and 40' containers in maxi 1 articulated cars. (Maybe some 48' on top too, not sure if that's prototypical yet)

Can someone tell me if I buy one brand (let's say Athearn) of well cars do I need to buy Athearn containers or are all cars and containers compatible?

As always, thanks for helping out a beginner!
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I have four sets of the A-Line Thrall 40 foot five-cars. The bodies are plastic, well detailed and decaled, with some metal weights at the ends of the cars.

You would be better off adding weight to the inside of the bottom containers than worrying about the weight of the car itself. Open up a container and glue/tape some weights (lead shot, etc) to increase the weight of the entire well car.

As mentioned by others, it’s the price of the containers that is the killer.
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