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Welcome aboard!

Hi, I'm Nick and new to the forum and the hobby. I just purchased the Lionel Santa Fe set and would love some help with a layout with a bridge and a tunnal.


Welcome to the forum! How much space do you have available for your O-gage layout? You say you want help with your layout, and want it to have a bridge and a tunnel. Do you mean advice over the forum, or are you looking for another modeler in your area that can help in person? Many O-gage Lionel layouts are a bit different than layouts in other scales. Often there is more interest in action than realism. That's fine if you decide you want to go that route. Not all O-gage layouts do though. Some have a good deal of realistic operation, scenery and structures. Check out the "My layout" section and see the "Long Island Railroad-Oyster Bay Branch O-scale" being built by Steamfan77, to see a fine O-gage layout that shows what I mean.
The "O-scale" section of this forum is chock full of people who share your interest in O-gage trains. You could probably get lots of good advice there.
The files below should help you decide where you would like to start.

again welcome;

Traction Fan :smilie_daumenpos:

View attachment WHERE DO I START rev 4.pdf

View attachment 3 & 4 How to build a better first layout.pdf

View attachment Model Railroad Terminology 3.pdf

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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