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John Deere Special Edition Sets

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I am not sure why I am posting this but it came to my mind this morning. I was very wrong in thinking for sure that the
John Deere Special Edition train sets value would really go up with time.

Everyone knows the name John Deere and has became a household name. People collect all sorts of things relating to John Deere. I purchased 2 different editions roughly 15 years ago? I knew for a fact that these sets would really increase in value with time.

Was I wrong! I never purchased the sets to use. I purchased them for my collection of course but John Deere items was a very hot topic not that long ago. All signs pointed to being patient and you would for sure double or triple your investment.

I have never seen the value go up even a dollar! I am pretty certain I gave $100 each for the 2 different sets and I can go online and purchase the same sets for yeah about $100 each.....
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You know I did the same thing. Only difference was I collected the red tractors lol I have a international harvester set. It is a nice set. I don’t have the box for it as I got it used at a garage sale. Gave $100 for it all. I have found the set online , Theset last I looked sells for $250
I think it made a huge difference that IH no longer make tractors. The last 10 years or so it has all merged into CNH. Where John Deere has not grown much in sales. They have not lost any, but have not gained much. It is weird how that all works.

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