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Just wanted to say thank you

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Hello again my friends. It has been eleven years since I sold my collection in order to buy an rc aircraft I wanted to build. I love rc aviation but always missed my Ho trains.There were a few engines that I wished I had not sold but things being what they were, well, anyway. Now that I have started to rebuild a modest collection and will soon embark on a layout I realize that I have forgotten a lot of the finer technical details. Thank you all for being patient with my questions while I try to re-familiarize myself with HO scale trains. I count you all as friends and know where to come for any valuable suggestions and help. Highest regards, Donald.
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well on the plus side.. you have nothing so a nice clean slate...

welcome back!!! ive only been here 2 months..hah... had purchased stuff 15y ago and never used it so i was and am trying to incorporate a ton of old junk....
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