Offering for sale the following track sections:
These curved track sections were made by K-Line, then Lionel. They are made to a wider radius, or they form a circle of larger diameter, than the traditional American Flyer circle sections. They are frequently referred to as 27 inch radius curves, or 54 inch diameter curves or circles. I assembled a group of 12 to form a circle, it looked like I was measuring 54 inches diameter at the outer rail.
Traditional American Flyer curves are frequently referred to as 20 inch radius, or 40 inch diameter. It appears that these K-Line sections were made to be able to double track an AF train layout, with these outside of the standard AF curve. These are made to be 30 degrees per section, so it takes 6 sections per half circle, or 12 per whole circle.
I want to sell them in groups of 12. I have TWO groups of 12.
Please see the pictures to compare these to a standard American Flyer curve section. These K-Line sections measure 15" plus long.
I want $75 per group of 12, plus $20 for shipping. If someone wants TWO groups of 12, I will try to do better on the shipping.

The site is not wanting to post many pictures, so if this posts with little or no pictures, contact me, I will send more.
Please contact me if interested with questions. More pictures can be supplied. Thank you.