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Kato's new little Lite Rail

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Just came from the LHS and they happen to have a few of the new Kato lite rails sitting on top of the counter. I must say that I was impressed.
Led's (white)in the front and a (Red) Led in the back with (White) led's inside of each of the two articulated cars.

The Double track modular layout has roads and parking lots marked off along with a couple of track crossing areas. Also looked as if it would also run on a Untrak as well because that is what we sat one on to display it in the case.

Not cheap but what in the hobby is anymore. The two articulated cars were going for $112 and the Track system was $170.., So figure with local tax it would run about $290 or there abouts
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Wow ... I think that guy sitting down reading the newspaper is trying to hit on the girl sitting across from him.

Unbelievably realistic!

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