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Layin Track

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what are the do's and don'ts,

I don't want to use the quick connect stuff that came in the set, and I was at hobby lobby the other night and noticed the bendable stuff.

Is the bendable all there is, or do you actually build track from scratch like laying ties out and then laying rails.

again, have no clue about anything train related, real or model.

thanks guys.
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what is cork roadbed? here is the action i'm quite good at :

:D :rolleyes:
*ROTFLMAO!!!!* :laugh::laugh::laugh:
Diesel, it's just cork---it elevates your track above ground-level and also absorbs vibration, making your trains run more quietly. Depending upon what you want to spend, it can be formed with angled sides to resemble the roadbed built up under real RR tracks, or it can be just sheet-cork you cut and modify as you see fit. Usually, people choose between just attaching the track directly to your ground surface (foam sheet, painted wood, etc.) or creating a more realistic, raised surface. Older stuff like my AF had molded rubber. Use what you see fit. if you're going the cork route, you might look at rolls of cork plumbers use to wrap pipe.
Diesel, where layout construction, computers, and electronics are concerned, Tankist is quietly and humbly brilliant. And by the way, I followed the link to see his video, too. *L*
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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