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Layin Track

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what are the do's and don'ts,

I don't want to use the quick connect stuff that came in the set, and I was at hobby lobby the other night and noticed the bendable stuff.

Is the bendable all there is, or do you actually build track from scratch like laying ties out and then laying rails.

again, have no clue about anything train related, real or model.

thanks guys.
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i use flextrack as much as i can.tacked and glued to cork roadbed. the joints are almost all soldered, besides the isolating plastic joiners.

the club i visited hand lays their stuff (just as you said - ties and then rails)
What is this cork roadbed you speak of, old wise one:worshippy:

I wish I could just come see you guys in action, it would make life easier.
what is cork roadbed? here is the action i'm quite good at :

:D :rolleyes:
nice, real nice haha:laugh: that is why you are the man, well at least its a tie between you and Reckers.

I was getting into it as well, I clicked that link thinkin it was going to be Tankist video tapping himself working. I was like this should be cool. haha

I deserved that, i do that to my wife all the time when she asks me a ton of questions. :thumbsup:
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Ok what is the difference in the numbers like 83, and 100 and so on and is 36 in of 83 stlye flex track a good price for 5 bucks,
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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