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What length trains do you want to run? Your sidings and yard tracks will limit your ability to operate this layout realistically (sounds like you do want to do this.) Your A/D track (between the inner and middle loops) looks to only have a length of about 2ft. Is this correct?

If you're modelling the 50's, then you're dealing with mostly smaller 40' or less boxcars, etc, so it's not necessarily a problem, but you're looking at 4 car trains running. Even your staging tracks are fairly short.

I use my staging both entering and leaving the layout. Just set them up for departure out of staging, run them around and then back in. If you double head the trains (2 engines) you can just run the engines around the train for the return trip rather than turning them around.

For something a little different - The Eagle Creek Northern fits in a similar sized footprint. To/Track Plan Database/2011/12/Eaglecreek Northern Ry.aspx

I think you're trying to cram in too much track if you're still trying to run operations. If you want operations, plan those out first, then just make sure you have a continuous run for the kiddos. Multiple parallel loops running through the same scenes doesn't lend itself well to operations.

Just my opinion
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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