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My two cents...I am by no means an expert, like a majority of the members, but I was in the same stage as you back in January using the same software and planning around the cripple creek layout.
I have since tore down, replanned, redrew, restruggled, rebuilt, relayed
AND.....tore down, replanned, redrew, restruggled, rebuilt, relayed.
This is my new plan. I've rebuilt the modules in the first room and created a donut duckunder (I know, I know). I am satisfied with this layout and running trains to work out any bugs and logistics. Minor tweaks will be made of course.


What I've learned along the way.
These forums are invaluable, whether just lurking or asking questions. Believe it or not, questions you have, eventually get asked or have been asked in the past.
The bigger the layout the more $$$$ it takes to build it. Those turnouts are expensive. You've got a lot in your layout, as do I.
The more industries you have the more $$$$ it takes to build them.
I thought the traditional slab of plywood was what I wanted. After creating a donut or walk in for some people, I prefer having the trains go around me, not me around the trains. That's the main reason I scrapped the first plan. I like the idea of taking traditional and going outside the box.

My thoughts on your plan.
You've got a good space to use.
If you can't get to the other side of the slab, don't build it. You need access to lay track, scenery, buildings and derails. Person can't comfortably reach more than 24-30".
You have quite a few facing point spurs. This might be ok, but you'll find it a challenge spotting and picking up freight from these industries.
Some of your spurs may be too short to actually couple a car.
Like Beachbum said, you can still have a nice layout and operation with at least 30% less track.
Great start, do a couple of revisions and try some other shapes.
And most of all, HAVE FUN!

p.s. Posting my layout is not a means of hijacking your thread, only showing progression of my thoughts and design over the past 4 or 5 months.
p.s.s I always like to give credit where credit is due. My inspiration for the latest layout came from Steinjr (member on other forums, not sure if he's here). I tweaked a layout he created and made my own. Thanks Stein!

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I'm sure you would've done this already. Is the remainder of the existing bench on the "north" wall usable? I'm assuming this is no longer a car garage based on your dimensions and future layout.
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