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Legacy PowerMaster replaces Bridge & Powermaster?

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I have a legacy engine I plan on running on my layout, but I alsoo have an MTH PS1 train i'd like to run as well in conventional mode at different times. I've seen a lot of YouTube video's explaining you need a powermaster and bridge to allow the legacy controller to talk to the track. I recently stumbled on someone saying they wanted to upgrade the two to a Legacy Powermaster which does the same thing?

Not much information about the LPM on youtube or the forums so I thought I would ask.

As always, thanks again for the help.
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Well, you only gave it 12 hours.

If you buy the Legacy Powermaster, you only need any of the TMCC or Legacy command systems to access it.

The Powermaster Bridge is a niche product that was only necessary to interface the original PM1 PowerMasters to the new Legacy command system.

So, to start, tell us what you currently have.
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