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LifeLike SD9 body shell removal

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Help! Will anyone be able to give me detailed steps for removing the body shell from a LifeLike Proto2000 brand HO model SD9, in order to replace a headlight lamp?
It's a bit embarrassing to be asking this after being a modeler for over 35 years, but that will make my gratitude all the greater. bobbauie
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Use a small hammer and genty smash the hell out of it, change bulbs and glue back. It will last about as long. Get an Athern.
Drastic, but nearly sound advice, Gil. By the time I got frustrated enough to pry off the body shell with a screw driver, a lot of detail was broken , including the *&#&) little hooks that hold the body to the chassis. My Athearns are all 12 years old... are current models more user-friendly than LifeLike?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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