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So, here's another aspect on this.
It's Christmas. People will be buying starter sets, some people will be buying their first LC loco because of the the fanfare some reviewers have given the LC2+ locos.
What's going to happen with the new people that find out the app is a piece of crap? Especially with Lionel touting the new features in their catalog, and that is in the manual for the new sets?

Letting an app continue with these problems is not only bad customer service, it's going to be really bad business and PR. Great way to promote the hobby . . .Not.

Here's hoping they get off their arses, hire a developer if their people can't figure it out, and get it fixed.

Now here's a question I have, as the only LC loco I own is a Mickey Mouse Christmas loco, which I haven't pulled out yet (which the kids and my wife love). Is it only the versions with the new voice feature Lionel is marketing that are crashing?

My phone has Android 10, will find out this weekend if it crashes on 10 too. Probably, considering John's experience.

A special thanks to Mike for providing the download link to the older version!!!
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