Lionel 6-12867 Powermaster PM-1 Base Unit, with box and instructions (NO CAB Remote. NO PH-1 Unit.) For Sale, $42.00 + $13.00 shipping = $54.00

The PM-1 is used with a CAB-1 Remote, but to repeat, I don’t have the Remote. If running TMCC/Command equipment, I understand that a PH-1 Command Base is needed. I don't that the Command Base. I do not have the Big Red control button either (which apparently plugged into the CAB-1)..

I do have the 71-2687-260 Rev A instruction booklet for the PM-1, and the DB twisted wire connector. I also have the instruction sheet 71-2866-250 Rev A for the PH-1, but again, I don't have this unit..

There is an original box for the 6-12911 Command Base, in which I believe the PM-1 was initially packaged.

This unit operates at 26.995 - 27.255MHz in PROG/RUN and CMD/CONV modes. It allows operation of TMCC and conventional locomotives not equipped with TMCC. It supposedly has a circuit breaker (and power switch, but I don't see one).. Control non-TMCC locomotives from the CAB-1 Remote Controller, vary track voltage, change locomotive direction, vary speed, and operate whistle and bell.

If you don't have any TMCC/Command equipment, the Command Base is not needed.

The PM-1 PowerMaster w/ Cab-1 is used with conventional trains like a remote control handle of a ZW. There is no transformer in it, it is powered by an external source, for example the C or D handle of your ZW set to full throttle.