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Lionel 6-31960 Polar Express Problem

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My first post here!

When we set up our Lionel 6-31960 Polar Express train around the Christmas tree this year, the CW-80 transformer made buzzing noise and the train did not move. The green light came on, and the engine made humming noise like it was about to go but did not move. The bell button worked, and so did the lights on caboose. I tried the forward/backward button but still no movement. The green light stayed solid.

Since the lights and the bell work, I assume it is not the transformer. Could it be the motor in the engine? If so, can this be fixed DIY?

I appreciate your help in debugging and fixing the issue. Thanks.
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I don't like 3-in-1 oil as it gets gummy after a year or two. I use plain 5W20 motor oil and Lucas Red-N-Tacky grease. If I need a really light oil, I have some very light synthetic gun oil that I've used for years on guns and trains. :)
That whole assembly looks like it's out of whack.

You need to remove the rod screw at the end of this rod and then straighten all of this mess out. Use the other side to see how it all goes back in, there are holes for both of the short projections. I see the bottom one is bent, you'll have to straighten that one as well.

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BTW, the black barrel thingy is the cylinder. ;)
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Here's a shot of what it should look like.

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Quartering should not have been a problem if he didn't pull a wheel from the axle. Taking the rods off doesn't affect the quartering. Not a factor in this repair.
For the set PE, you have to pull the motor to grease the worm and axle gear. The driver axles are just oiled from the outside where they come through the frame.
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