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Lionel 72 model O track Please help

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Please help! My husband received a Lionel train set. We are thinking it is a 72 model. There are no numbers on the train other than the 8042 which is clearly the train number. We found it boxed and stored. We want to get it ready for Christmas for our grandchildren to enjoy. It runs in reverse motion. When we move the switch one way or the other it doesn't matter. It will go forward a couple of inches and then change to reverse again. What can we do to fix it.


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When the train runs in forward, stop it. Then switch the reversing switch. It will stay in forward.

One way that may fix the E-unit (reversing unit) is spraying it with CRC contact cleaner (HD electrical section). Then switch the power on and offer several times to cycle the E-unit. Repeat as necessary.

Note: the E-unit will only cycle with the loco upright.

Given it's used and already has a problem, I would use the CRC to clean the entire Loco's drive train (motor, axles and bushings, rollers and brushes). Liberally spray the entire drive train (over newspaper) and run the engine. Repeat as necessary as old grease hardens and needs to be flushed out. Then lube with a lightweight oil (3-in-1, sewing machine oil, etc). In a pinch some auto motor oil will do. And you can use Vaseline for greasing the gears.

If it still has issues (sluggish), you'll need to clean the motor's commutator and brush assembly. Not as hard as it sounds but that requires removing the motor from the shell.
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I do believe that you might as well tell her in Greek. :p

I think that she won't have any clue as to what you are talking about. Maybe the first sentence but not the rest.

Maybe the husband will have a better understanding.
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