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Hello All,

Up for sale I have a lot of Lionel O Gauge Fastrack. I bought a working layout and disassembled it as I am an Atlas O kinda guy. I did run trains on it before taking it down, and the track runs well. I have wiped it all down, but a few pieces could use some scotch-brite. There is one 0-36 curve that has a thin line of white paint across it, and the previous owner used something wrong to try and remove it, so there is a blemish from that. One of the turnouts has a broken flag for switching. Below is a complete track listing and pictures. I am giving it time here before it heads to the "other" forum and the Ebay.

$240.00 OBO plus shipping

2 O-36 Manual Left Hand Switches
1 O-36 Manual Right Hand Switch
12 O-36 Full Curves
11 10 Inch Straights
2 10 Inch Terminal Sections
1 Accessory Activation Pack - 2 Isolated 5 inch sections and 1 10 inch Terminal section
1 Earthen Bumper
1 Uncoupling Track
5 5 Inch Straight
5 O-36 Quarter Curves

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