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Welcome to the forum. No one is going to give you the answer you probably want: "Your train is worth this much." Of course it has value, if it runs. Even if it doesn't, it probably has value as parts for similar trains that do run.
The original box enhances it's value, along with "Yes, it runs" and "It's all here." If what you are seeking is an estimate of it's value, I'd follow one or both of two paths. First, go to ebay and do a search for the same item. If someone is selling one, you can see what sort of bids he's getting. Put it on "Watch this item" and you can see what it eventually sells for. That tells you that, to at least one person, it's worth that much.
Second, since I'm not familiar with your train, you may suspect it's very valuable. If you think it is, contact a reputable antique dealer and ask them to give you an estimate of it's value. Check their quote against a second dealer, just to keep them honest.

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Mint condition with box is the best and rare is better. A good condition averages one third of mint. The Lionel jr is not rare. Check the single car prices at ebay. Go with the car id numbers.
I checked a reference and the sets are not listed. So check out the each piece number.
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