THIS LOT IS UNTESTED with exception of transformer.
I am a American Flyer guy, but inherited these trains. They appear to be in decent shape, but the missing locomotive may be a flag. If you are serious and make a tentative offer, I am happy to try and test any components for you, and I can also provide better or additional pictures if necessary.
-Transformer is a VW 150 W with whistle control. Cord has been replaced with Non-reproduction, safe cord. Internals looked great. Green light lights, red does not (with no load) All 4 variable voltage dials working as intended, 6-7 VAC in off position, 18-19 VAC at full throttle. All plastic appears present and intact.
-Milk car has at least one milk bottle, I can see it in the trap door on top.
-I do have the metal tray for the dump car, it just did not get photographed
-Selling as a lot, so make an offer based on the whole package
-May consider trade for American Flyer engines/transformers/rolling stock
-Buyer will pay actual shipping with method of their choosing, I will get a quote when necessary
-I have and do do business with other members of the forum if you need a reference. I intend to enjoy this forum for many years to come! :)
-If you are not interested, and want to give me some idea on value, I would also appreciate it! I have a rough idea, but appreciate more educated opinions.
-I want these trains to be enjoyed, so money is not everything.
Thanks, and have a wonderful evening! Tim