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Hi everyone,

I am thinking of purchasing my first Lionel toy train set.

6-30089 is $30 cheaper on Amazon. Is it because it does not have a diorama? Otherwise, both sets look to be the same.

Also, this is the cheapest Lionel O-Gauge set that I came across. How does this thing compare to the Polar Express that runs +- $100 more? So far, this is going to be used as a Christmas decoration but may very well become a hobby. Am I doing the right thing by going with the Pennsylvania Flyer?

Also, have any of you purchased from How's their service? I just saw the Harry Potter Hogwart's Express Starter Set for $175. On Amazon, it's priced around $230.

Thanks a lot and I look forward to all replies.

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Do they take paypal? If they do,then you are covered.

You are obviously concerned and have done some research. For Ease of mind go to the LHS and pay the 230. No shipping, no worry, and plenty of advice. It may be worth it in the longrun. In the future he will listen to you, if you purchased the set from him. You do not want your first set to be a nightmare.

If you are mind set on this just buy a hobby mag or view a few. Model Railroader may list the most companies. Being a different scale doesn't matter a good shop has different scales. Classic Toy trains and O Scaler have lisings of dealers for O Scale.

The difference in the Polar/FLyer sets is the tender. It has engine sounds in one and just a whistle in the other.

Lionel does have a website and online catalog well worth a visit. You can compare the sets with their discription.

For Potter sets beware of the G sale it is cheep and can be found for 99. Buy the O gage set.
I am not sure thet Potter and Polar are still being produced it may be liquidation since Harry is finishing his movies.

TrainWorldonline is out of NY I think and should be found in a mag. Check out their shipping fees.They are in CTT mag.
Now you are competting with Holiday shoppers.

Maybe our NY members know more about the company.
The hobby being the second largest to gardening, purchasing has many different venues. Good Luck.
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