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Lionel "Standard O" Trains...

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I came across this section of trains for the first time today while browsing eBay... Is this Lionel's version of MTH Premier cars? Like are these true 1:48 scale trains? I can not find too much information on them :eek:
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I actually have every Model Railroader from 1973 to about 2004 and was reading an article from the eighties about Proto 48 scale, and a push to having O guage trains actually in scale. At the time there was one company making wheelsets that had the proper flange sizes for the track. I'm glad HO doesn't have all of the subsets, although I just learned about HOm vs HOe last week. :eek:
The picture without the flash is better, but you'll need to use a tripod to compensate for the longer exposure time. If you do use a flash, take and index card, and put it in front of the flash at a 45 degree angle to bounce the light off the ceiling and illuminate the model.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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