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I recently got my hands on a used ZW-C Transformer with 2 180-watt Bricks

It did not come with the Jumper Plugs for the back to split the power from the bricks

Would operating this without the jumper plugs cause any damage?

My assumption is as long as one brick is plugged into A-U, it powers up and I'll have power to just A-U and B-U will get nothing, as if I had a brick plugged directly into it and not turned on

I am hoping to plug my bricks in like this;

180-brick 1 into the A-U for track 1
180-brick 2 into the D-U for track 2
135- brick 1 into C-U for switches and accesories

Making B-U do nothing

Would this work?

Also, do multiple bricks need to be phased? Is the phasing process same as two different transformers?


I'm fairly new into this stuff, inherited train from parents and only been setting up under Xmas tree for them for a few years, but now have space and appetite to create a permanent layout

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This probably does a better job of explaining it. Not sure what it would do with a single transformer, but it should be similer. I didnt check my bricks for dates, and when I hooked mine up it was fine. If they are out of phaze, you would need to turn one of the plugs around, so you may need to grind the end down on the larger one a bit. The post war plugs were not made polarity sensitive, so they were easily reversed, and for the same reason more likely to be out of phaze. Sometimes the people makeing them reverse the plug , and then it would not be phazed.
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