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Hey Ya'll,

a new project of mine is a small "End of Line" Station based upon original plans.

The LBE RR --> Luebeck <--> Buechen Eisenbahn in the former Prussian Province of Schleswig-Holstein built in 1872 to 1873 a Railroad Line to Travemuende Harbour and ten years later the half of a mile away Travemuende Strandstation in 1883. In 1913 the Stion became bigger, but me I am decided to model the Station before it became bigger.

The Strandstation had been built by touristic interests only to be used by summer visitors of the big Casino and Seabath at the Baltic Sea. Bigger Hotels had been built alongside the Strandpromenade.

The Station had a turntable what was different to all the other turntables of this RR. It was a wooden Turntable like of US American prototypes.

Between 1892 and 1912 most german Railroads had a big problem with the modern Turnouts and very often happened broken tournout Tracks when trains running faster than 20 Km/h over it, so that several RR's decided to use the more better Stub Turnouts until the the german Ironfoundries could deliver much better Steel for the turnouts.

Some RR's thought about closing their RR Service completely before becoming bankrupty of the repair costs of demadged turnouts or repaired rolling stock of cars and locomotives.

The older Stub Tournouts used shortly on several RR's until the steel quality became better.

In the Plan are used Symbols for the Signals A and B which are two arm semaphores.

Passenger trains arrived on Platform Track 1, Freight Trains on Track 2, where they departured again later.

The Locos turned in other direction and used Track 3.

Wasser Becken = Water Pool

Locos used the Injector Pumper to fullfilling the Tender with the needed Water.

Track 1a was used for loading r unloading of Freight, Postal or Baggage Cars.

Shunting did via Turntable or via departuring to neighbour station and arriving back shortly thereafter.

The Interlocking routes could be giving free from neighbourhood station after a train arrived there.

Thissmall station is a well little station to build real working levers onto lever frames with interlocking registers, so that only this lever can be switched into position what will be allowed to be used ny the mechanical interlocking register.

A three field Block Apparatus is being used between two stations:

First the permission need to be got.

Then the signal man dicides which Route will be used that a train could move out off station, the he is blocking the route on pre blocking, so no train can come from other directition.
After train arrived in neighbourhood station than the signal man is re-blocking the section, so the first signalman can putting the levers in ground position and giving the permission to other signal tower.

My plan is it to use the electric blocking for my mechanical Interlocking like the prototype did it in the past.

Ya Ingo
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