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Yes, a heavy weight is normal, it is needed
for traction.

Here are some tests you might try.

You say the light burns. That means the
trucks are feeding power to the innards.
Have you tried turning the motor shaft by
hand. It should have little resistance. If
it does, the lube in the gearing may have
gelled and is stalling the motor. The motor
would get hot if this were the case.
If it turns easily, then the problem may
be electrical.

Use a pair of wires and try feeding power
directly to the motor tabs.
Use your volt meter set to DC to
check the voltage on the wires to the motor?
Turn up speed control about half way...
put your probes on the motor tabs. You should
see about 6 or 7 volts.

If this motor uses brushes see if they are clean
and making contact with the armature.

Let us know what you find.


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If you get difficulty when turning motor
shaft by hand it is possible that the
gearing is 'jammed' has a broken gear..or it might be just
gelled lube. I'd check that, then if ok
it is possible that brushes are worn.

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