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Long Island Rail Road-Oyster Bay Branch

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I started the build in March of 2013, and will bring the thread up-to-date as quickly as possible. The room is roughly 21'x32'.
First, a little background. The Long Island Rail Road was chartered in 1834, and is the oldest railroad in the nation still operating under its original name and charter. Primarily now a commuter railway, the LIRR played a key role in the development of Long Island from mostly farmland to the suburbia it is today, moving freight to and from New York City. The Oyster Bay Branch comes off the main at Mineola, which is approximately 35 miles east of the City, and travels north and east to the North Shore next to the body of water known as the Long Island Sound. The branch ran through the village I grew up in, and I'm excited to bring this to life in O scale. I will be modeling 1955, which was the last year that steam ran. In the attached PDF, the first page is the main part of the layout, and the second is the staging west of Mineola, which is below the Oyster Bay yard. The staging allows me to turn and store the trains.
My inspiration to build the Oyster Bay Branch came from an article written by Steve Lynch in the 2004 issue of MR Planning. Dave Keller and Steve Lynch have written two excellent books, The Long Island Rail Road, and Revisiting The Long Island Rail Road. Steve also runs a great site for all train things Long Island at:
Steve and Dave have been very generous with their advice and time regarding my layout. I can't thank them enough for their guidance and friendship.
Thanks for checking it out.
Technical drawing Plan Text Drawing Diagram

Text Line Technical drawing Design Drawing

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Looks impressive, can't wait for the progress reports. :)
Thanks John, I'll start posting pictures shortly...
The benchwork is 3/4" ply, and I had the need to put leveling feet on the benchwork because my basement has such a flat floor:roll eyes:

Wall Room Wood Ceiling Floor

Stairs Room Property Wood Floor

Room Wall Furniture Wood Stairs

Wood Plywood Floor Stairs Hardwood
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Looks like a lot of benchwork! :)
The last section of benchwork for the yard/staging, then I covered everything in 3/4" plywood, then 1/2" Homasote painted earth brown.

Table Wood Furniture Plywood Room

Floor Room Building Office Wall

Floor Wall Flooring Ceiling Room

Floor Wall Property Ceiling Room
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Wow, that is going to be quite a layout, the benchwork is impressive. Are you going to have a train crew adjust that thermostat as they pass by?
LOL, thats adjusted with a very long stick...:D
The first track goes down in Mineola and heads East...

Room Wall Floor Ceiling Building

Room Furniture Floor Architecture Wood

Scale model Room Architecture Wood Floor

Room Floor Ceiling Classroom Building
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Last but not least the yard and turntable...

Wood Room Architecture Plywood Stairs

Floor Building Flooring Architecture Room

Plucked string instruments
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A stone wall for the grade, and some ballast. I mixed some earth brown with white glue and water. I wanted the ballast to have that dust brake covered look right off the get go...

Transport Railway Locomotive Train Vehicle

Transport Track Railway Scale model Locomotive

Transport Track Railway Train Vehicle

Transport Track Railway Train Mode of transport
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Thanks Randy, will do...I installed some Custom Signals equipment. Very nice and they work well.

Tree Plant Street light Light fixture Road

Transport Track Mode of transport Vehicle Railway

Transport Track Metal Line Roof
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I have to echo what Randy said. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a layout built with such precision. Actually, I don’t think I’ve even seen an O gauge point to point either, though I’m sure there are plenty. I do think you will want an access hatch near the thermostat (if not for adjusting the temperature, then for re re-railing errant cars). Maybe make the warehouse on a lift-out section.
Thanks Lehigh, I appreciate the comments. I didn't relocate the thermostat before the build because there is a massive bookcase on the other side of the wall, and I didn't want to move that just to move the stat. Also, I have it set for 60 degrees, and it almost never comes on. It's funny you mentioned the warehouse. If you look closely at my track plan on the first page, there is a line around the warehouse indicating an access point. Great minds think alike! I'm putting it there so that I can access and clean the surrounding track.
I also painted the track a flat camo brown. I think it gives it a more realistic look. The left is painted, the right is not...

Track Beige Metal
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A few more shots of the ballast...

Room Architecture Automotive exterior

Transport Track Architecture Wood Building

Track Transport Room Floor Railway
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If you didn't know better, you would think that ballast was real.
And yes......precision is your forte'. That's kinda like me: I tend to go for overkill.
And keep painting those ties. Again, if you didn't know better, you would think they're real.
haha, couldn't help this. In the very first track pic, does that siding actually go through the wall??
Kiddin' ya. Keep up that great work.
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