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Look-Alikes ~ Coffee Pot Train, etc.

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My kids picked up a fun library picture book ... "Look Alikes" by Joan Steiner, where the author has recreated an array of scenes using ordinary (but very out of place) items. Take a quick look at her train and train station creations ... a coffee pot loco boiler, handcuff wheels, a harmonica front frame! And how about the train station: tennis racket ceiling, paint brush walls. The more you look, the more you (might!) see!

Be a kid (again), and pick up this book at the library if you're looking for a little fun.


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I love those kinds of books! The creativity exhibited in them is just amazing!
Another similar set of books is the "I spy" series.

People who can do these things are truly talented!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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