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Look here for O scale how-to's!

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I have noticed that we have multiple O scale how-to's floating around this forum... This thread compiles them all and links back to their original pages for quick viewing by our members... Some threads contain multiple how-to's, so for these threads I linked to the first post of each how-to... If you are interested in writing a how-to, please feel free to do so, it will be much appreciated :smilie_daumenpos:


Creating a Submarine Car - by T-Man

Creating Fake Coal Loads - by T-Man

Making a 3-Rail Signal - by T-Man

Making Flatcar Brackets - by T-Man

Making LED Lamp Sockets - by T-Man

Repairing AC Motor Armatures - by T-Man

Repairing Caboose Roofs - by T-Man

Repairing Locomotive Drawbar Rests - by T-Man

Restoring Prewar Tinplate Trains - by Boston&Maine
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