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Looking for 027 uncoupler wire dia.

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:) Hi to all I,m new but really old. Looking for ribbon cable wiring diagram for old 027 black base uncoupler ( Not the diamond center type) Mine has several parallel rails and 4 screw terminals for the ribbon cable on the side of the track.The old ribbon cable has totally rotted away. The control buttons are marked uncouple and unload. Can anyone help with the correct wiring for this?? oh it,s about 45 years old. thanks Marvfly
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Thanks T-Man

T-Man, Can I Assume that if the remote control is sitting with buttons up and the ribbon cable is laying flat coming out of the control then from left the purple line would be #1 on the uncoupler track term,green #2 blue #3 Red #4
Using your chart? Thanks again:)
Thanks T-Man

Thank you, you are very helpful.
On the color code bit the wire currently on it are all black so when i get around to do the job i will just snip the wire at the inside near the solder joint and add to it from there then use a little heat shrink. Mark the track end per your drawing then it should go 1,2,3,4, I,m enjoying this site already look like alot of good people here. Thanks to all Marvfly:)
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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