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Hi Everyone,
Thanks for allowing me to join.

I recently inherited a large HO collection when my father passed away. Although I'd love to get into the hobby, I simply won't have the time, or the space.

It includes probably 100+ rolling stock, 30 or so locomotives, buildings, unbuilt kits. Proto2000, Athearn, Walther, Bachmann..more names than i know. I also have a bunch of parts/tools used for building these kits. Most of these are from the early, mid-90s. Some from the 80s. His focus was primarily on lines from the NE. Bangor Aroostook, BO, PRR etc, but does extend to lines around the country.

I am looking for a local hobbyist, who is not looking to resell, but wants to build their collection.

Someone to spend some time going through this with me and I will keep a selection for myself, and will part with these at a very modest price. I am more interested in what i part with staying together, than trying to make a buck.

Whomever that may be, should be local and a builder, should not be a hobby shop/reseller. Prefer someone who has been in the hobby for a year or two, but needs that bolster to their collection.

PM me.
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