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Looking for a starter set

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Hey everyone,
I used to have an electric train set - I was looking to run it around the Christmas tree, but it looks like we got rid of it:(

I'd like to get into the hobby and I've been researching some kits, but I have some questions. I'm looking at either an O or HO set. I like that the O is larger, but it looks like the O sets are more expensive as a result? I know Lionel is probably the biggest manufacturer, but what are some less expensive, good quality alternatives? I'd like to run a decently-sized set, but I don't want to spend an arm and a leg.... Eventually I think it would be awesome to have a G-sized build, but right now I'm looking for something reasonably priced in the ($100-$200) range.


EDIT: maybe something like this?
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Some O gauge starter sets are not that much more expensive, like this set is only $190 from the same website... You even get a bridge with this set :p
starter set

HO has the most flexibility on size and price. If you are thinking of "G" scale in the future, have a room 20 X 40 feet for a good and elaborate design. "G" scales here in florida run outside in the yard.
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