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Reference Manuals are important. It's where I always start by reading the manual. So this thread will be my link support to information that is useful to you.

I would try for book selections they have a wide range of use books and the inventory and prices change all the time.

I also suggest Woodland Scenics a good all scale supplier of accessories.

Here is a Lionel search on Amazon Unfortunately Lionel has other meanings than trains, but it works.:)

My first on line suggestion is the Basic 0/27 O manual. This is a copy of an ordinary manual that came out in the 50's with a Lionel set. It has a lot of beginner information. A good place to start. This is located Thor's site. This guy has an excellent site. You should look at his layout plans too.

Another is the model railroad electronics for the "do it yourself" enthusiast.

Basic O/027 manual

This is his Homepage too he has an excellent Marx section too.

The nice thing is the Manual is printable.

The American Flyer Service Manual

Block Signal Wiring is discussed at The Toy Train Revue.

The best technical source on line is the Olsen Library

The reference for postwar transformers

Also from GR John with Google talent Two Rail O Scale Primer

Another important feature is the "SEARCH". In the past we may have answered or covered the same topics. They are still there to view. You have a general search, an advance search (that can narrow it down by author) and the tag search about a specific item. The tag search also has a suggestion feature to assist you.

This thread is by no means complete. I just use this as a starting point. It my personal preference.

In my Signature Link Page ( The link at the bottom of this post) is a number of topics discussed here in the forum. Most are with pictures. The topic list is long so bear with it. My picture list has gotten so long I went to photo bucket for ease of retrieval. So peruse the threads and post your inquiries.

I am adding this link on phasing post war transformers.
Also submitted by GR John. Thanks.

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DCC Information and Company Sites

Way Back when I answered questions on DCC it was a standard reply. Just visit the site who makes it and read their material and FAQ's. That's it.

Here is the Lionel Site.

Lionel Service documents for the modern era 1970 to 2006

American Flyer and K Line is owned by Lionel.

American Flyer wiring Diagrams

Train web printable electric diagrams

A Marx site

For Parts there is Port Line Hobby

This guy always has a good table at the Wilmington train show.:thumbsup:

Port lines has a very good list of clinic articles that includes Lionel as well as AF.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
It has one on phasing postwar transformers.

And the MTH Site.

Kusan and American Toy Trains

The second best piece of information I can give you is on the web under the Lionel Supplements. This information starts in 1970 to 2004 somewhere around 44 of them and new ones are added. These are technical diagrams of trains and accessories the problem is that they are a jungle and you need to see the index of each one to know what it contains. The good news is that they re down loadable. The sup page.
The index to these is large. The engine numbers are grouped to type, later they are indexed by cab number. The manual numbers run 1-1 to 15-99 and so on. The adobe reader has it's own page system and this is what is used to print. This information is on every CD Service Manual so a lot of good stuff is there, you just need to find it. Printing a page here and there is well worth it.

This takes us to Supplement 1-9 this covers the MPC era from 1970 to the mid 80's. It gives details of all the differences in the engines produced in this time period. Some are only DC. So this is where you look up the engine number and dive right in. Supp 1-9

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Thanks T.:thumbsup:

I am burning a CD of your links.:D

Disc title, just a simple T-MANS HELPFUL LINKS and MORE

Complete with updated pictures of your newest endeavors.
Just go to the CD and pop out some T mans help.:D

Complete with The SERVOGUY O, chapter /add on.
Thanks Servoguy too, you add very helpful posts.:thumbsup: A OK

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One good thing going is part suppliers. Some are specialized for one thing or another.

The first is Lionel. They have pictures that break down the parts.

Of Course we have Olsen that suplies us with technical information.

A favorite is Jeff the Train Tender

Another is Stann Orr also in NY

Then there is East Coast Train Parts in NJ not to be confused with North East Trains in Peabody Mass.

South in PA there is Hennings Trains which is also a store.

In Lexington Mass there is Dr Tinker

Stores there is North East Trains. in Peabody Mass.

Charles Ro in Malden, Mass

Gunnerunnerjohn's complete list link. Some I have never heard of!

S & W Parts NY

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Nice links. I hope he finds time to expand the prewar steam engine section. Mostly electric loco information on his site.

Interestingly, he shows a Lionel/Ives 1561 electric loco. I was ebay-cruising the other day and saw a 1661 Lionel/Ives (which is very similar to my 1681's) which was misidentified as a "1561" ... while I knew the tag was wrong, I wondered if there ever was a 1561 loco. Well, now I know ... the electric one, per Terry's site. Neat.


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Great thread for a newbie,.... Bookmarked em all....

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Quick Forum links by subject matter

This page is from the How to Thread. This is where I normally start to find content links. I guess we have accomplished a lot here. I don't like to be a broken record but if I can improve or clarify something then fine I will. I tried to explain things thoroughly for all the readers who will follow. I find this lacking in other forums and it is appreciated here. Thanks.

My initial intro number 142 On page 15! I think the membership was around 800 back then.

Yes ! A good idea, most forums dislike reviewing old threads but I encourage it.
My tags for threads need work.
I'll reserve my spot here.
Lately,I have been reviewing my gallery and posting the url where they are found in the forum.

My Signature Links! Favorites of interest.

Railroad Rob's Pail Full of Train Takes
Railroad Rob's YouTube Train Adventures
LED Refresher 2010
Reverse circuit
How to column Post number 4.
LED Flasher parts for variations
What is it?
Real Caboose links

Photobucket is very easy to use. I upload multiple pictures at a time. I can also write on them while they are still in use here. The changes appear on the next page refresh. WIth attachments you have to delete and upload another picture.and then add it to the post. Also Photobucket links are viewable to non members, lurking.

Threads of interest.
MTH Battery,BCR
The Seroguy intro to 022 switch maintenance at CTT
WHistle, bell buttonRestore Prewar Trains
Firebox LED, 8604 engine
e unit an intro
eunit drum replacement
Lionel Tune Up, cleaning a caboose.
Simple How To's

Accessories for the Layout
Junk Box
Motors of the Rue Morgue
259e Revival
Truck study
Strip paint off plastic
Remote Switch History Dates
Bend cast metal
bend cast cow catcher
Post War
Lionel part dealers
Look at at a Post War Lionel 027 6466X Whistle Tender
6111 Flatcar bracket chipped roof repair
6111 thread on brackets
more 6111 metal flatcars
Convert BabeRuth frame to use on a tender shell
8141t or 8203t sound tender
waste car
wheel puller
022 switch
Revive an old cast engine hint.
Track Cleaning car
Track Difference O/027Clean a motor and e unit
Clean and ID an old engine
Clean Tubular Track
Clean a shell
68 motor car
600 series switchers
2037 and e unit
Make a coal load
tank car modification - sub marine
rusty trucks and frame fix
Accessories thread Lionel Marx and scale items
My How to thread
Mold a part using Bondo
Caboose Mod
caboose roof repair-porthole type
Weathering by Ogage47 Good rust
truck cleaning and trestles
8141 engine
Turn AC motor to DC
Searchlight 3650
Scout 1062
chain link fence
My 2333 intro
currrent 2333 thread by igmuska
Plastic truck repair
Substitue for a seach light car lens
260 Bumper, 90 Control Button
6111 Flat Car Revisited
Metal frame, loads, tank car frame, and a tour car
Using a capacitor for car lighting
Clean tubular track
Clean a shell
No 154 Highway Signal
1122 Switch
022 switch
Chain Link fence
Nails as joiners and axles
Joining O to 027 track trick
Tubular Track Mods,isolate rails for operating accessories.
String a crane car 6460
Coupler for a SCOUT lash up.
2333 Ed's diagrams
Test a 70's 8141 chuff sound tender
Chain link ideas from members
E unit repair and drum change
Cast boiler strip and paint
Lionel 249 1958
Lionel 250 1957
open a 1015 transformer
239 Scout 1967
Bench test a steam electric motor
675/2025 shell painting
metal frame
Dc motor on AC
OTC CTC Lock ons
Milk car 3412
6019 track
Simple Hows
transformer buzz
smoke conversion kit by erkenband
600 series MKT
Caboose tune up
Metal frames and loads
Aluminum passenger cars
Diesel Horn Picture
Remove the e unit and wire up the motor to run.
Motor setup for bench test.
A look at the 212 and 1055 Diesel Engines
A look at 216 and 213 Diesel engines
2466wx tender
6466x tender
200 series alcos
Link for a teledyne coupler diagram
Track clips and pliers

Lionel Pre War
610,612 248
Blue Comet by TwoRail
1682 caboose
make a tin roof
track pliers
137 Station
Single axle trailing truck, steamer
224 engine
o21 manual switch
258 pic and thread
259e revival
1668 motor
2026 and Cousins

O Scale Crafts

rocketbike rack
MTH railsound link
another railsound

490 Loco
999 steam
LIonel to Marx coupler
Lionel roller on a Marx Truck
Marx Reverse unit

I went throught the 8 pages of 0 threads, I didn't get everthing but it is a start.

Installing a flasher into an Amtrak Engine
Loco wipers
Lighting a coach
Mantua side rod wrench and nutdriver
Fleischmann LOCO
Nails for HO flex track
Tyco Tires
Bach Diesel
HO Macao
0-8-0 Rivarossi
Tyco Silver Streak
Tyco Chattanooga
Brass rail expansion
Transformer throttle stop

DC Reverse Circuit
The Reverse board revisited in a step by step on how to build
Update a power supply
LED use
LED Refresher
LED Flasher
LED Flasher parts to show variations
Flasher in a tender
LED strip lights for coaches
LED Flasher Revisited
AC Coach Lighting
Bypass the e unit to test AC motor post #30
Test a 70's 8141 chuff sound tender

AC LED coach lighting
Toy motors
Arc Welder Simulator
immitation strobe light

LED shop Light
End of Line Warning Light

My collection
pere Marquette

Other Great Contributions
Build an O gage test station 5D
LED strip lights for a passenger car
The 1122 switch and bulb discussion
Galoob Micro Trains
How to phase a Lionel Tranformer
Weathering Trucks
John's whistle,button controller instruction
John's open passenger car roofs
John's LED strip Diagram

Bakelit electronic train boards

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Nice compilation, T-Man. I like this all consolidated here to a Sticky "manual" thread. Good work ... I'll put you on the "Ed's rolls" payroll!


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Many thanks, but ...

I'll deflect my gold star over to T-Man on this thread (and many of its links) ... he's the real inspiration and resource organizer here.


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You are too modest, TJ! Keep up the good work!

Most of this is out of necessity. To find information. My user page, has pages of threads and also pages of attachments. If my memory fails I won't know what to look for!:)

Pictures have been preferred for information. I think You Tube should be exploited. One example was the Helix thread. Now, we have never had so many questions on layouts I am sure in You Tube you can find the examples to show and tell. This will build up the video forum too!

I have to work on the links too.

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To update, here are some pages with reference manuals.




The Williams listings are very limited and are at the bottom of the page of Bachmann manuals.

To get results from these search engines it may be better to be vague than exact. I used "switcher" from a search and found MP-15 in the results.

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Lionel Supplement Manuals

This is the link.

These are a bear. They are shown in adobe and are a continuing process to add to the original manual started in the MPC era ( 1970-1986). The only way to find something is to down load it and see the index. Now there are over 40 of them and they are more or less added as a sequencve of time to document improvements . Newer ones were published in the early 2000 range.

What I going to do is book mark some of the more uselful pages. If you click a book on the upper left, the pages appear as thumbnails with adobe page numbers. I will use these as the reference.

The O gage switch 602-3010-000 and 602-3011 is on page 29 of Supplement 30.
Supplement 17 is a large index and refers mostly to supplement 1-9
Wiring diagrams are in Supplement 1-9 Page 459 and starts with the DC motor. All the MPC variations are here AC, DC, two and three position e units with wiring diageams.

The bottom of page 460 (16-1) is the classic Ac motor with the three position e unit. Print and frame that picture.

A DC Trolley Diagram is on page 12 of Supplement 31

Page 16 of Supplement has the wiring diagram for the Gantry crane 610-2922-001

This Wiring Diagram is needed to convert a DC to Ac operation by using the electronic e unit. This board has the old number and there is a modern replacement. I believe the wiring color code is the same . Just go to Supplement 21 page 12. Another one that is elusive and should be framed. I did convert my 6181 switcher this way.

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Sometimes I don't find my car or accessory listed when I do a search for product name and number at Lionel's Service Documents page. Is there an overall index anywhere? For instance, I was looking for information and a parts list for a No. 8471 PRR diesel switcher, and I couldn't find anything until I got a tip from a post in this forum.

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You can do searches on numbers, but I believe that one is too old. The supplements have an index in the first volume. This particular locomotive hails from the 70's, so it'll most likely be in the first volume as well. Specifically, it's on pages 1-43 & 1-44 of Lionel Parts & Diagrams 1-9 Complete.

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Tag Search for mostly Lionel

With a tag search, the TAG is a word to help search out different subject matter. What I want to do here is to give some examples of good tags to use.

The best way is to keep the tag short, the general word first, like track, or clean.

"e unit" is common

"022" for switches that is zero 22

a new one is "track actuator". This is the special track that activates unloading or uncoupling in both O and 027 track. The 6019,UCS and RCS are examples.

"clean" works and has several options.

Another is by the number of the engine or car three or four digits.

The "520" though a specific engine is a good all around thread that can be applied to cleaning and preparing a motor after years of neglect.

"Scout" is common

"2026 will reach a thread of mine that covers the postwar x-6-x engines

"259e" is a favorite
"1668" and "1688" are probably TJ's favorite
or maybe "1681"

Another is "whistle" or "tender"

I am trying to improve the tags so expect more to come.

16,661 Posts

Good thinking / post above. As far as I know (???), we can only add TAGS to a thread itself, but not to individual posts within a thread. With that, you'll see that I will frequently edit a post (mine, or someone else's), and add what I call some "Search hit" phrases on the bottom of the post, so that they will be found easily (hopefully) using the Search tool.

However, I do wish that we had a way to add TAGS to any individual post. Hint, hint to Admin!!!

In going forward, as Admin works to merge MTF with their ToyPedia type websites, we'll have a much more in-depth means to tag, reference, and cross-reference threads, posts, subjects, etc. Think of them as "filters" that one can toggle on/off to narrow down a hunt for subject matter.


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I don't see how, at least not with the Admin tools that I've been given.

I can find my way to a section called Tags, but all I see there is a lengthy list of whatever tag words have already been created. I see no way to add a new Tag association option to any post, rather than just the primary (first) post of a new thread.

Any specific directions on where (in the Admin toolkit) to look?


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Well, it's been better than three years since I was an admin, so I'm a little rusty. Here's the page in the manual that describes using the tags, I forget where they were enabled. I'm not sure I ever had to actually enable them, just manage them a time or two. However, the user should be able to enter them if the option is enabled.

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As I read that, John, and per what I've been seeing, one can only apply Tags to Threads, not to individual posts deep within a thread.

Bummer. Very limiting, I think.

Thanks anyway!


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As I think back, you may be right, it's the thread starter that adds the tags. However, you as a mod or admin can edit the tags for the thread and fix them if necessary.
Ha ha ... In theory, yes, you're right. But in practice, I wouldn't have the time to check and edit every new thread. It's a chore to play Mod enough as it is. However ...

The dialog here certainly emphasizes the point for anyone creating a new thread to choose a few pertinent Tag words prudently.

I wonder how many people actually do that? I'll put my own head on the chopping block here and say that more often than not, I am NOT adding Tags to my new threads. :( I'll try to do so more in the future, especially for my fix-it type projects.



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Lionel carries service documents starting withthe MPC ERA, known as supplements. Their service department would be the place.

Guide Books exists just look at Amazon .com

The Lionel site also has their online catalogs.

We have Gunrunner John,:D

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i mean something like tandem associates for modern era. where u can look at pics and stuff like that

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your hitting the nail on the head tj... just not quite there yet. just imagine of you will tandem associates... but from 1969 +. i mean heck if one doesn't exist would anyone be interested in making one?
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