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I have Atlas C-424 one undec and one Erie Kato drives . One S-4 new SF black and silver . One S-2 undec with S-1 complete shell included and well as HH800 hand made shell , both austrian drive . Two FP-7 SOO Maroon /Gold modern roco drive . Stewart VO-1000 WM new . Like like PK-2 FA-2 powered and FB-2 dummy Pennsy original run new . One PK-2 FA-2 WM no box.

One PK-2 E-8 Amtrak new , one PK-2 E-8 Undec new.

One athearn undec SD-40-2 newer oct drive shafts .

Two SD-40TP SP with screw mounted shells instead of peg mounted. Blue box .

A few old athearn TM in SF blue /yellow and a SP and Pennsy and Mil road all have handrails installed pro like all in box never run .

All loco's $35 each older Athearn $25 each range plus shipping via usps. None are DCC ready

Also An RS-3 stewart with PK-2 drive , Two Baldwin/EMD rebuilds with 6 axle trucks C$NW KATY 4 axle PK-2 , all built but need further work such as handrails and details and paint one has KATY style shell and one has C$NW style shell like #1500 , one has PK-2 drive KATY and C&NW has kato motor and old style commonwealth trucks by stewart. $50 each

ONe MKT factory painted stewart AS-616 Athearn drive. $35

All loco's only test track run and as new condition , all PK-2 have new Athearn axle gears just in case.

Also, a few PK-2 loco's such as a high hood kit on a GP-30 PK-2 loco with new axle gears undec.

All work professionally done.

Send email at [email protected] or PM for photo's and I will get them up .

Moving and can't take these with , all are in perfect new shape never run .

Also I have close to ten athearn freight cars , box , hoppers and others new in box great for the beginner or for cheap rolling stock $3.50 each . Also some new athearn passenger cars newer style NP and older style SP all new.
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