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My first post to this forum. I am very impressed.
My 2 year old grandson loves trains. He has a carrying attachment to a Marx 999. Despite his young age, he is most careful with it. Unfortunately his papa is not!
My dilemma- I was the one who took old 999 apart- yes I thought I could make it work. I am almost there, courtesy of the postings on this site ( I have yet to deal with the e-unit). In the process of cleaning etc, some of the wires have parted from their origins. I can get the armature to spin- temporary connections with the power source, but now I have to get it track ready.
Where do all these wires go? Can they be changed from the dated cloth covering types to copper and what gauge is needed?
Copper pick-up to the light- check
Coil to upper brush (that little cylinder)- check
With the e-Unit there and unconnected wires- where do they go?
Any diagrams or sketches available regarding how it was wired orignially?

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Someone might have a diagram to post, I'm not good at that stuff. But if you look under O scale then hit the sticky looking for info thread at the top there is some stuff on marx, and a link to T man's thread. You might get some info from his pictures.

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It was high school years last I worked on a Marx motor...and a few
years ago that I put life back in a Lionel E unit.

But, isn't the E simply a latching electromagnetic relay? It
reverses the polarity of the track current. That
being the case...wouldn't the leads to the brushes go to the
middle contacts of the E...the wires from track feed to one set
of contacts, and an X harness to reverse the track feed to the
remaining set of contacts. The wires from the light would also
connect to the wires from the track pickups.

By X harness I mean: Frame ground o o
\ /
/ \
Center Rail o o

If this is far off base please correct. It's been years and the
memory fails.

I think this is the information wanted.

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