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Picked this up off the bay. A couple of issues ...

One: the two internal contacts that control the repeating bell didn't meet. Nothing is bent and there's no adjustment - seems like an mfg defect. So it eventually burnt away one contact's flexible metal plate where it met the other contact. Dropped some solder on it for the interim.

Two: the bell has a "dead" sound. It's intact, clean and a little loose on it's mount (I loosened it up by spinning it). I added a bulb of solder to both the front and back of the flat clanger to increase it's weight. That helped a bit but it still doesn't "clang" very well.

Three it sounds like an old telephone bell - rapid clanging. I plan to add some electronics to get a "Clang, pause, clang pause ..." type sound.

But the dead sound has me puzzled. It just doesn't have a very clear bell sound, nothing like a front desk bell.

Any ideas ...

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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