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Marx Light Tower

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Some tricks for the tower. The Radio Shack 14 volt screw type bulbs are used. Wire is fed up the center. In these spotights the center is a rivet surrounded by cardboard. All I did was shine up the rivet, insert and soldered the wire in. Next THe tower was repainted so all the tabs were cleaned for contact of the ground. I had no terminals and made some. A number 6 bolt and nut, tightend to the base for ground. For the positive post bolt, I isolated it with a number six nylon washer and I used a cut LED Xmas light base, for the top and tightened all with a nut. Just simple tricks.

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How come you didn't paint the tower cat walk?
Are you going to brush it?
Wires would look better black too,:thumbsup: paint them?

You said that you re soldered the wires, did you have the cardboard attached to the rivet with the light or did you cut a cardboard gasket and add it to a new rivet?

I got to fix mine.:D
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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