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Menards Cars

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All of these are brand new and have never been on the track. They were only taken out of the box for photos.

8 CN weathered box cars. $140. Individual $18.00
3 Goodyear box cars $35.00 Individually $15.00
3 14" Alaska flat car $55.00 Individually $18.50
3 14" BNSF flat car $55.00 Individually $18.50
All prices are plus shipping.
If interested you can email me @
[email protected]
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I will but the three menards / pepsi cars

Send me your address and I will mail them out to you and then let you know the total including shipping. You can then mail me a check.
[email protected]
Spencer Strolsky
90 Maynard Rd
Brooklyn Ct. 06234
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