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Coupler assembly aids

OMG, i just put a micro coupler together. How do you guys do it. My fingers are like cow utters, i need small japanese girl fingers to work with n scale

If you think assembling N-scale couplers is tough, try assembling Z-scale couplers! :eek: I've done both, and while I'm not saying it's easy, you can make it a lot easier with the right tools. The attached pdf file lists the coupler tools offered by Kadee/Micro-Trains for assembling their couplers, plus some other tips on handling small train parts in general.
DonR is correct about being able to buy pre-assembled couplers. There are two disadvantages to this approach though. First the pre-assembled couplers cost quite a bit more, and second they sometime disassemble themselves as in fall apart!

Whether you assemble couplers yourself, or buy them assembled, I recommend doing a bit of plastic welding on the corners of the coupler box. This is supposed to be done at the factory on the pre-assembled ones, but the welds are often weak or not there. I use a low wattage soldering iron and just barely touch it to the corners of the box that holds the coupler, at the points where the box and lid join.
Don't even try to use any kind of glue. The glue will get inside the coupler and ruin it. :smilie_daumenneg:
Also the coupler parts are made of Delrin, a slippery engineering plastic similar to Teflon. Like Teflon, nothing sticks to Delrin, including any type of glue I have ever encountered. So, rather than pay a higher price for assembled couplers that may fall apart, I assemble them, using the special tools designed for this ticklish job. Then I weld them shut, so all that effort doesn't get wasted.

Traction Fan :smilie_daumenpos:

P.S. Unless your fingers somehow resemble a talking cow, I think you mean "udders" not "utters"! :D

View attachment Tips for handling small parts.pdf
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