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I am almost afraid to post this. As I don't know the answer. :smokin:
I thought maybe some pictures might help you a little.

Do you know there are 5 different 551's that were made?
There was a coal and water tender 551.
The other 4 551's were oil tenders.
Maybe it was a 951A a wedge type coal tender.
There are more.

Want to view pictures?
Did you come across this site in your search?

Note, this is one persons collection, I don't know if they made anymore.

Railroad Tycoon
25,660 Posts
Well if you look a lot of those threads they might start off and end different but the original question was answered but then the thread took a side track. Some do go astray like you said, and I probably do it myself at times.:eek: But eventually I will get back on the main line again.
Others do, like you said.

That said I think your engine is number 391. 1938-1942
It was the same body style used for 396 and 397

A picture, Vehicle Transport Motor vehicle Mode of transport Locomotive

I found that here,
check it out there are similar locomotives but with letters or other stuff different.
There is not much on sets there. But info on other Marx trains.

Now I think yours might have come with a 951a tender shown below.
The only reason I think that is because I found this for sale. It is your locomotive above right? It is shown with this tender. Now the question is did this tender come with this locomotive?
Vehicle Locomotive

Take a look at the listing there are more pictures there that you can enlarge.

Now this listing came from here,
They have a bunch of Marx trains there I did not look through the whole site maybe there is a tender listed there. I have limited time to be on the site right now or else I would have looked.

I can't seem to find a site for info on sets alone.
Maybe your set originally came with a tanker instead of the extra gondola car?
Maybe someone switched it, it seems odd to me that a set would come with 2 of the same car instead 1 of different cars.

They do sell the Marx ID book for trains you know?
Maybe they have info on the sets in there?
Maybe someone here has one and can look?

I will keep my eyes opened for Marx sets.
Have you found any sites listing sets so you can definitely see what came with your set?
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