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If you're interested...
From the Missouri Pacific Historical Society.

Although I model the Southern Pacific, I'm also a MoPac fan... and a member of the Missouri Pacific Historical Society.
In fact, I've gotten several ExactRail cars from them with member discounts.

St.Louis hubs have always intrigued me, and several of the old railroads had roots there.
I visited many railroad sites in that area, from during childhood days, to cross-country trips on my Harley.
Some of the photos in this promo-ad are nostalgic for me.

384 pages.
Over 700 photos of stations, depots, rolling stock and locomotives.
~ $75





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Nice pics. Quite the bridge fail!
My kids went to college in Springfield and we would go to the Railfan bridge over the BNSF yard. The yard was huge. The bridge is a landmark spanning maybe 10-12 tracks now. Always busy. Great place.
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