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Model Railroad Layout - Kato/Walthers/Atlas

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Hoping someone local-ish sees this post. I would be willing to drive an hour or two to meetup with someone if it makes it easier (this would of course not include bringing the layout table). I guess I could also ship everything (again, minus the layout table), but we would need to discuss payment and shipping costs.

Selling my HO model railroad layout. I prefer to sell everything at the same time. All items have been purchased in the last year. I got started on this hobby and it just hasn't clicked and I'm not 100% sure why. I can't seem to get the motivation up to do anything else!!

The layout table is 6’ x 11’ and built with 2x4, OSB and 2” foam. You are welcome to take it if you have a way to transport it. It’s possible to break into 3 sections, but we would need to cut the OSB and foam. This layout is roughly based on Kato’s Fox Meadow Railway plan. I made some modifications to fit the larger table. I’m located in Wooster, OH. $750 for everything (even if you don't need the layout table). Here is a list of everything included:

Kato HO Unitrack Pieces (QTY):
2-105 (4)
2-111 (4)
2-120 (14)
2-130 (12)
2-140 (3)
2-150 (20)
2-151 (5)
2-170 (8)
2-180 (12)
2-193 (4)
2-210 (24)
2-220 (16)
2-240 (8)
2-290 (4)
2-850 (6)
2-851 (4)
2-860 (1)
2-861 (3)
Lots of additional pieces also included that came with the turnouts but were not used on my layout. I also have quite a few extension cables and 3-way splitters.

Locomotive/Rolling stock:
Atlas 10002200 U23B High Nose DCC/Sound locomotive (less than 30 minutes of run time)
Walther’s Trainline Baker Chocolate Tank Car
Walther’s Mainline 54’ P-S 4427 CD Covered Hopper
Bachmann 40’ Gramps Single Dome Tank Car

Walther’s Cornerstone kits
2-Stall Enginehouse - exterior walls assembled and painted, windows and doors painted
Magic Pan Commercial Bakery - exterior walls assembled and office section primed
Champion Packing Plant - unassembled
PRR Block & Interlocking Station - exterior walls assembled and primed
Farmers Co-op Rural Grain Elevator - some exterior walls assembled
Sunrise Feed Mill - some exterior walls assembled
Grain Conveyor - unassembled

Additional items:
Preiser 14162 - Goats/Hogs
NCE Power Cab DCC Starter System
1 quart Scenic Express #40 Blended ballast - unopened
1 quart Scenic Express #40 Light Gray ballast - unopened
16oz Matte medium - unopened
8oz SuperWet - unopened


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